About I&W The Brand's Story

Quality revealed within an inch!
When the sun rises above sea level fusing the horizon, the rays radiate and crimsoning the sky, you are alone, immersed in your own world. Then there comes a sudden burst of inspiration, and a great idea is born.
I&W watch is tailored made for a tasteful life, it is the best ornament to complement your clothing styles, the best jewelry to express the quality of your heart and soul..

Brand story

The Story The I&W brand was originated from an American traditional watchmaker who had been working in the industry for over 30 years. He cared for every detail in watchmaking, he longed to create a product of distinguished quality and appearance. After spending 3 years in constructing the ideal watch's blueprint, designing every small detail, he had finally created an exquisitely designed watch piece.

The watchmaker even went over to have the watch be processed in Switzerland, where he deployed top density index, using non-wearing gears, and finally polished the watch to close to perfection. There it is…a burst of inspiration has led to the birth of I&W.

"I&W" actually means "I & World", it is the aim to implant the world's high quality and new fashion into your world, creating a new YOU with emboldened confidence and extraordinary temperament. I&W's debut global sale has received high praise from consumers in and outside of China, as well as arousing attention in international watch industry. This breakthrough not only help gained the brand's image and credibility, it also gave new dynamism for more creativity.

I&W chooses to break the monotony in watch design, creating more choices for consumers. Our brand motto being "Practicality and Refinement". Our products are the perfect and seamless synergy of human and fashion elements, an art by itself, a new favorite in brand name watches. We are the trend-setter of fashion watches. Fusing European fashion trends, our watches are adored by and have become the preferred jewelry of many celebrities and people from the upper class society.

Watch Designs

I&W allows you to pursue quality and tasteful lifestyles. Seeing things with much clarity… the battling working field, the business-like social circles. An elegant and quality watch shall enhance your self-cultivation and social status. It is an added touch of charisma, a world of your own, a class of its kind which is trend-setting and forever charming.

NATO Watchbands

The NATO watchbands are highly exchangeable with an array of beautiful colors. Whether at work, at leisure or at play, our classic designs can be mixed and match well with your clothing, and can always highlight your varying fashion styles.

Leather Straps

Our leather straps are made with genuine leather and available in brown and black colors. The buckles are made from silver or rose gold metal. Whether at work, at leisure or at play, this classically designed watch piece is the wild style and perfect ornament to all your fashion attire.